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Name Vorname

Chief Office Operator

Name Vorname is our COO. She has a creative vision like no one else. From the grand perspective and down to that 1x1 pixel, she excels. In her spare time, she loves to collect original vintage marketing materials from former East Germany.


Name Vorname

Steuer-& Unternehmensberaterin

Emma knows a thing or two about buttons and sliders. She has studied user interaction for a decade and always knows how to tackle any given UI challenge. When not working with interface design, she rides her bike in her back garden.


Name Vorname

Finanz-& Unternehmensberaterin

If you have a question about your project, you ask Alina. Her desk might not indicate she is an organized person, but she is. Alina also has a sweet spot for vintage stuff and in her vacations she travels the Baltics to hunt down vintage toys from the 50's.

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